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A big thanks to a couple great websites that have been giving us some love lately. Check out the articles... 

"Hardmill's rugged aprons are made of dudely things like army duck waxed canvas, selvage denim, hand-dyed leather, and copper rivets, plus snakes and snails and puppy dog tails. This is so that when wearing them no one will confuse you for a sissy man or Paula Deen."

"Their first product is this manly Rugged Apron, handcrafted in the US from army duck waxed canvas and hand-dyed leather, this is definitely something every man should have." 

"So enamored are we with the Hardmill Rugged Apron, that we undertook an exclusive apron photo shoot of our own volition, soliciting the help of some equivalently rugged menfolk to model our favorites from the Hardmill line. The models on Hardmill’s website were a little…frail looking. It’s best to pair a butch apron with a butch fella, and we think you’ll agree."

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