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Cleaning & Conditioning Leather: The leather we use on our products will wear beautiful over time, and will require little cleaning. If you would like to clean your leather product, we recommend using a product called Blackrock Leather 'N' Rich, although many leather conditioners could work well. Using a soft rag, apply and rub in the conditioner to the leather. Let the conditioner dry and absorb into the leather before using. Do not use a machine washer or dryer to clean your leather products. 

Cleaning Waxed Canvas: Using a damp rag and spot cleaning waxed canvas is recommended for most light cleaning. If heavier cleaning is needed, we recommend using a light mixture of water and castile soap. Take a soft brush, and gently scrub the waxed canvas. Be careful not to scrub too hard, or you could bring some of the dye out of the cloth. When finished, use water to rinse the fabric of all soap. Air dry. Do not use a machine washer, dryer or detergent to clean your waxed canvas products, as it will break down the wax coating.

Re-waxing Canvas: If your waxed canvas product has been heavily used, and is in need of re-waxing, we recommend using Martexin Original Wax. Use a rag to apply a light coating of the wax evenly to your product. Using a heat source, such as a blow dryer, heat the wax into the fabric. Let dry until cool. 

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