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Watch How We Make Our Cast Iron Handle Cover


Watch how we make the Hardmill Leather Cast Iron Skillet Handle Cover.
Designed out of a passion for cooking with cast iron, but being unsatisfied with the comfort and function of other handle covers available on the market. This handle cover is comfortable to hold in your hand, with the smooth curve of the leather fitting comfortably in your palm. The Kevlar thread is heat-resistant, so if flame touches it, the stitching will remain intact.
Our patented design allows you to easily slide the cover on and off when switching between skillets or placing a cast iron skillet in the oven (other leather handle covers can shrink, so you can't easily take them off). The leather will harden slightly over time as it comes in contact with heat, but this only enhances the form and function of the cover, letting it conform to the shape of your panhandles.
We have enjoyed using this daily in our kitchens, and we feel confident you will enjoy it as well. As with all our products, we stand by what we make and guarantee them that they last.
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