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How to Clean Waxed Canvas

hand holding rough scrub brush, cleaning waxed canvas tote with soapy water

Light Cleaning

For a light cleaning, simply use a damp cloth and spot clean as needed. 

Heavy Cleaning

If heavier cleaning is required, we recommend the following process:

- Use a dry scrub brush to loosen dirt or other debris.

- Mix liquid castile soap with cold water. Do NOT use detergent or dish soap. Castile soap is gentile enough to not break down the waxes and oils in the canvas.

- Brush and scrub the dirty area using the soapy water. Be careful not to scrub too hard, or it may remove some of the color dye from the canvas fibers. 

- Rinse canvas with cold water.

- Air dry. Waxed canvas products should not be machine washed /dried as it will break down the wax coating. 


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