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How to Re-wax Canvas

To determine if you need to re-wax the canvas, put a few drops of cold water onto the canvas. If the water beads up, the canvas does not require more wax. If the water absorbs into the canvas, follow these instructions to apply wax to the desired level.

Items needed: Fabric wax, small rag, heat gun (or hair blow dryer). 

waxed canvas tote covered in wax next to a rag and tin of wax

- Lay the item on a clean flat surface that can withstand wax residue. 

- Apply a light and even coat of fabric wax to the area using a rag (start with a little at first, to understand how the wax behaves).

- Apply heat to the fabric to help the wax impregnate the fibers (using either a heat gun or hair blow dryer will work). 

- If you find that you have applied too much wax, apply heat and then dab away any excess wax with a lint-free rag.

heat gun evening out texture on waxed canvas

To blend the appearance of the newly waxed area with the rest of the item, you can scrunch up the re-waxed fabric or evenly heat the entire item.

*Check to see if the fabric wax you are using comes with instructions. Follow manufacturer instructions if they differ from those described here.

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